Some Ouji/Boystyle doodles.

Some Ouji/Boystyle doodles.

Pirate Hat and eye patch. The hat can be worn two different ways by adjusting the velcro inside.

I also finally got around to painting the heels of the boots I made a while back. All I need now is to figure out what I want to do for a dress.

Miniature Elephant Art Car Prototype - might make to the full 1/6 scale (it would be roughly 25-30 inches tall.)

Inspiration -


Presenting! The first completed scene of Moon Animate Make-Up!

Seems legit.

(via gaynerdyandannoyed)

Quick drawing of a more spidery Wydowna Spider - very inspired by the amazing Doll Chateau spider BJD

Quick drawing of a more spidery Wydowna Spider - very inspired by the amazing Doll Chateau spider BJD

Monster High Ultimate Deluxe Re-Vamp Line

Monster High Ultimate Deluxe Re-VAMP - (vamp, get it? … sorry.)

Wherein a fanboi rants about all the changes he would make to Monster High dolls to make them ‘perfect.’ Subject to changes and editing to add things, change things, and most likely to correct horrendous spelling and grammar.

Girls still come in three different sizes -
Regular - Frankie, Clawdeen, Spectra, etc.
Small (Little Sister) - Howleen, Twyla, and Draculaura is changed to this size
Taller (Big Sister) - Headmistress Bloodgood, Nefera
All girls have the roughly the same size torso - so they can share the majority of their clothing, and same size feet, so that they can ALL wear each others shoes. The legs length will be what determines the height.

Boys will come in three sizes -
Regular - like they are now - Deuce, Jackson, Holt, Heath, Invisibilly
Taller - longer legs and more muscular (like the  Male torso V2 from Plastic Curves) - Clawd and SloMo
Large/One-offs - Manny Taur
Once again, same size feet.

General stuff -
Heads pop off easier (like the CAMs)
Tails can bend/be shaped
Pets get some articulation, like Count Fabulous and Sir Hoots Alot can move their wings and turn their heads, Hissette can bend/be shaped, Roux, Whatzit, Cresent could be kinda like this or this. It is probably ridiculously hard to create such tiny joints but they don’t have to be that pose-able.
Nightmare gets articulation. The Moxie Girls have em, and Mattel’s own Barbie has one that is not only articulated but walks on its own. Give Nightmare some dang articulation!

Extra stuff -
All dolls come with extra hands in different poses.
Girls come with lower legs with flat feet, can wear boys shoes.
Adjustable Height Saddle Stands or those fancy plug in style articulated stands that some Figmas come with.

Maybe Stuff -
All dolls have Inset color changing eyes and interchangeable face plates, like the new Inner Monster line. A great way to get different make-up looks, and I think customizers would love em.

Another pair of shoes I made, this time thigh high boots. I’m really proud of these. She can stand unsupported and the heels are straight and symmetrical! I changed one of the heels three times to get it perfect.
Will paint the heels when the glue dries but just wanted to share.

BTW I used matchsticks for the heels.

First complete pair of shoes - There’s alot wrong with them but not bad for a first try. The heels are crooked but she can still stand without any support. Sorry about the crappy webcam pics but this is what happens when I can’t sleep.

Kawaii Kitty

Kawaii Kitty

The Imaginary Adventures of Starling - for all the magic boy and girls out there.

What happens when I have to be stationary at work, with just scrap paper and a sharpie to amuse myself.